Hot Eskimos are playing a so-called morning session on September first in Harpa on the Reykjavik Jazz Festival. The same night in the same hall, Bill Frisell will be performing John Lennon’s songs with his band. I have to confess I haven’t listened to him as much as I should have. Still I think I’d recognize his sound in a blindfold test. Many of my guitar playing friends love him. I found on Youtube “a making of the album” video from his John Lennon project.

I love “making of” videos. Partly because of the producer in me, I get to see inside the studio, see the mics and amps they’re using…An opportunity to learn.

And partly because the little boy in me that wants so badly to play with the grownups gets closer to them, to meet the legends and listen to them talk, screen to face.

This date will be fantastic, the first Reykjavik gig of Hot Eskimos in the noon and in the evening a concert with Bill Frisell. What could possibly go wrong?