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ImageNow I’ve been to Jazzahead 2013 in Brehmen in Germany and met up with many jazz entusiasts from all over the world. Journalists, radio programmers, performers, tour managers, publishers and just all kind of folks who’s jobs are jazz related.

I saw a bunch of great bands, many from Israel who had a special showcase night due to the fact that they were co-hosting the convention. And a few danish bands that were great! And a very inspiring english pianist who has made an album only with his left hand so to speak! I also made many friends that I hope I get to meet again.

I put some effort in promoting Hot Eskimos over there, mainly by giving away some demos of our album Songs From the Top of the World. And though it’s hard to tell if such a gesture pays off it apparently has already. On a playlist on the program Cutting Edge on the british Jazz FM our version of Birthday was featured. Cool stuff! And on the same playlist I see a few other acts that were present at Jazzahead. Aways good to be heard.

Our new website is expanding as we speak and now you can read info about the band in six languages, one of wich is japanese. Hot Eskimos in japanese is ホットエスキモーズ.Who would have thought!