We played at Reykjavík Jazz Festival on the first day of September. It was a blast. The smallest hall of the four they have in Harpa, such a great sounding facility. An awesome Steinway, freshly tuned by Diddi, my favorite piano tuner. And there were even some people there too, watching and listening. I do admit I was a bit nervous. It was in fact only the third concert that the trio ever did. Come to think of it, we’re actually doing it backwards. First we cut the album, then we started playing live. We clearly didn’t get the memo on how you’re supposed to do these things. It’s amazing how the trio has evolved between these concerts. I really wish we could play more often but we have geographical and other practical boundaries. Some of us live in Iceland and others (OK, me) in Sweden. But we will keep on doing it on irregular basis. Well, the summer had been leading up to that moment, this concert in Harpa and now things will slow down for a while. The Eskimos must prepare for winter.  I might put in some blogs about jazz albums once in a while until the trio rises again. Oh, and some clips from the concert, when we get our hands on them. Take care now!