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One charming thing about jazz records is that they don’t document where their performers were artistically in that year the albums were made. They tell you how they were playing and how they felt that day or two the recordings were done! Then the artists went on playing hundred other gigs the same year, maybe in a totally different way.

I think Brad Mehldau said something in that direction in an interview many years ago (or maybe it was someone else, I don’t seem to find it again). I just started thinking about this when I wrote the last blog about the albums from 1959. Some of the artists did three different albums that year, some of them very different from the next (Miles, Bill Evans). It’s true but not entirely right to say “This is how Miles sounded in ’59” More specific would be “This is how Miles sounded on March 2 ’59”

And that’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise why they have announced a release of the second Brad Mehldau Trio CD of 2012. The former came out in April, the second is due in September. Two in a year. Can’t complain!