As a musician I’m very intrigued by the social media and the endless opportunities it has brought to bands and artists for them to become more visible and to help distribute their art.
(That was a looong opening line)
While I often work in big projects that have some budget to make videos and buy ads, I also devote a lot of time in more independent projects such as Hot Eskimos. And sometimes I have a bit of time on my hands but not so much money. Those are the times when I wished I could make something on my own to increase the visibility of our trio.
This is why I was fooling around with a software called Anime Studio last night, trying it out for the first time. I believe that with all music videos if you’ve got a good idea to begin with then you can conquer the world on a very low budget.
Well, I didn’t have a particularly good idea but it looks good and fun to do. I only did the first 1:40 minutes of the song which by the way is a live recording from our concert on a jazz festival in the eastern fjords of Iceland in June 2012.

The video is in two parts, the former is more abstract to harmonize with the improvized prelude to the song. The latter is more traditional, as is the music.