Way cool! As of now there are 41 piano spread across Toronto for anyone to play them. I’ve dreamed of public pianos for a long time. Sometimes when I’m traveling, say in an airport, I’ve had this urge of playing a piano and I’ve fantasized about a vending piano, you insert a euro and play for 5 minutes. Never seen them though.

Well, the organizers of the Pan Am games 2015 have gone one step further and spread one piano for each participating country across the city of Toronto. Each piano is painted by an artist from one of the countries. See more pictures of those stunning pianos in Franco Cigneri’s blog.

Talking about ignorance, I’ve never heard about the Pan Am games. They are the second largest multi-sport event after the Summer Olympics with 41 America nations taking part (are there so many nations in America? Oh, the places I haven’t seen!)